The Latest Publications of Kirsten Bloomquist

Kirsten Bloomquist has been interviewed on several podcasts and has articles featured on popular sites. You may find some of her work as listed:

  • Alicia Bell’s Train it Right: “Clinical Hypnotherapist Kirsten Bloomquist Solves Serious Issues through the Power of the Subconscious Mind” Read it here
  • Jake Nicolle’s Novel Podcast
  • Engel Jones 12 Minute Convo’s Podcast. Listen to it here
  • Dynamic Business Women: “6 Ways to Program Your Mind to Succeed” Read it here
  • Carol Roth’s 65 Tips for Growing your Business: #22 Read it here 
  • Award winning, iHeartRadio, School for Startups, Jim Beach’s show Listen to it here
  • Darin Steen’s Holistic Health Hacks Podcast: “Kirsten Bloomquist, Professional Hypnotherapist” Watch it here
  • The Master Shift: “It’s All a State of Mind” Read it here
  • The Master Shift: “Healing the Body with Your Thoughts” Read it here
  • Freedom Fast Lane: “How to Rewire Your Brain for Success” Read it here
  • Encouraging Dad’s: “The Fond Memories of Tough Love” Read it here
  • Clarence Caldwell’s True Life Academy Podcast: “The Power of the Mind” Listen to it here
  • Go Dates: “11 Reasons Why your Dream Girl Said ‘No’ to Dating You” Read it here
  • Meat Market Photo by Erich Saide Look here

Dynamic Business Women

Kirsten Bloomquist, as featured on the True Life Academy Podcast. (Click to listen). She describes what hypnosis really is, debunking a lot of the old fears and stereotypes associated with hypnosis by explaining what is happening with your conscious and subconscious mind. More importantly, Kirsten explains the power of tapping into the subconscious mind and how it can change your life, including physical ailments. Listen closely to this very enlightening discussion surrounding the proven effectiveness of this therapy and how the medical community is also embracing this as another form of patient care.

Read Kirsten’s quick advice on growing your business, featured on the popular site:



#22: 65 Tips for Getting Business Referrals