By the age of 24, Kirsten Bloomquist was invited to deliver a lecture to the head oncologists of a regional hospital, sharing how she helps her clients to achieve phenomenal results. Motivational speaker, Ms. Bloomquist has also had the honor of speaking in front of mayors, city council members, business teams, multi level marketing leaders and teams, seminars, boot camps, retreats and in the board rooms of international companies.

Hire Ms. Bloomquist to come speak at your event! Her topics include:

How to Get what You Want using Hypnotherapy

You will be provided with memorable demonstrations, proven strategies and useful techniques to help you start to tap into your powerful mind- today! Hypnosis is one of the most effective tools in which a person can access their internal magnificence and it is also one of the least used tools in North America. Learn the effective strategies that are used by Clinical Hypnotherapist, Kirsten Bloomquist- the same strategies she’s used to help her clients get unbelievable results. Gain the ability to give powerfully effective suggestions to yourself and others. Increase confidence and productivity. Set your business or team apart, by giving them the opportunity to obtain and use knowledge that will provide them with an elite edge. This workshop is suitable for business teams, corporate events and health clubs.

How to Reprogram your Mind for Weight Loss

Everything begins within the mind. Reignite your motivation. Discover how your subconscious mind is holding you back from achieving the body you want. Stop self-sabotage. Gain strategies to empower yourself towards overcoming cravings, bad habits and past programming. Reprogram your mind to succeed at reaching your goals. Boost your confidence and feel your best. Learn how to start each day with a few simple techniques to help you retrain your mind to finally become the best version of yourself. This workshop is suitable for health clubs, fitness centers and health oriented companies.

Mastering your Mind and Happiness

Reduce stress. Increase happiness. These proven strategies give you the tools to better cope with stress, whether it is at work, home or family life. While difficult times cannot be prevented, the mind can be re-programmed to deal with stress in a more efficient way. These are simple techniques you can start using right away. The result is increased ability to handle tough situations, a clearer mind while under pressure, boosted productivity and confidence while at work and increased overall happiness. This workshop is suitable for business teams and corporate training.

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