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Kirsten Bloomquist

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With nearly one decade of experience, Kirsten has served top coaches, business leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors, professional athletes, celebrity figures and the mega-rich.


She uses tools such as Clinical Hypnotherapy and Transformational Coaching to ensure her clients get rapid results.


So, if you're feeling stuck, or like you're hitting up against a wall and just not seeing the results you've been searching for...


Whether you're looking for a more fulfilling life, connecting to your spiritual side or accessing your subconscious potential, Kirsten can help you 

create lasting change.

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About Working with Kirsten

"I did Hypnotherapy sessions with Kirsten about a year ago and I’ve had great success with her.


I’ve learned that the results really do stick because she gave me coping mechanisms and the results just don’t go away. 


I would definitely say to give it a try because I’m somebody who has tried many forms of therapy… You won’t regret it."



"When I reached out to Kirsten, my career and life were going sideways…



I started using the techniques she taught me before meeting with clients and the next thing you know, I have a 100% close ratio and my career just sky-rocketed!

Since working with Kirsten, everything has been better- relationships, career, friends- everything has been smooth sailing since then…

For people looking to change their life- Kirsten is an absolute recommendation from me.”


Wealth Advisor

"Working with Kirsten was one of the best experiences of my life...


I think everyone should experience working with Kirsten."



What Are the Benefits of Hypnotherapy & Coaching?


+ Boost your confidence

+ Gain clarity on your purpose

+ Enhance your productivity & performance

+ Increase your happiness

+ Discover & strengthen your intuition

+ Overcome obstacles that are holding you back

+ Gain the tools to manage your emotions

This is for YOU if...

You Want to:


+ Take your life and career to the next level

+ Create more happiness, success, fulfillment

+ Improve the quality of your life

+ Create freedom of mind

+ Discover your full potential

+ Give yourself an elite edge

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and using it to create the life you're thrilled to be living.


This is the reader's manual for your mind!

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