About Me

Who Am I?

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist (yes, I went to school for that). I am also a public speaker and author of the book, "Power Now: The Art of Getting What You Want."

What I Do I Do?

I help successful people to improve their quality of life. One of the tools I use with my clients is Hypnotherapy.


Who This is For?

People who love living life to the fullest, exploring life's big questions (who am I, what am I here for, what do I want), and seeing what they're truly capable of.


Also, this is for those who feel stuck, overwhelmed and anxious because no matter how hard they try, they just can reach their goals because it feels as though they're not in control of their mind.


If you're worried this might be mind control, let me ask you this: who's in control of your mind when it's stuck in a loop of fear, worry, stress or self-doubt? Doesn't it make sense to learn how to control your mind for yourself? That's what I can teach you to do.

True power is not forcing others to do what you want- it's the ability to control yourself.


Why This is Special?

This is your chance to create rapid change from the inside out- while having the experience of a lifetime (some clients have said this was the best experience of their life). It can be both transformational and fun!

I have coached top life coaches, business teams, CEO's, professional athletes and even a billionaire. You can learn what I taught them- how your mind works and how you can use it to get results.

I have spoken in front of business teams, corporate board room meetings, medical staff, and doctors at regional hospitals, educating about Clinical Hypnotherapy and the power of the subconscious mind.


What Can You Expect?

I may not have all of the answers- but your subconscious mind does, and I can help you access your subconscious mind. Most of my clients notice results starting from the first session, such as more calmness, confidence, focus, happiness, joy, and momentum moving forwards. Most clients state that this was much easier and more enjoyable than they had imagined.


Results can be very rapid. It's not magic- it's Hypnotherapy.

This will be an experience of a lifetime- you'll soon see for yourself.

While I believe everyone is capable of achieving their heart's desires, I don't work with everyone. I love to help those who are truly ready to make transformations.


If this is you, book a Free 45 Minute Strategy Session with me and let's see how I can support you.


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