Feeling Powerful Academy

Do you have a dream that got put on the back burner because "life" got in the way?

Are you going through a life transition and feeling stuck?

Would you like support and encouragement along the way?

Meet Juliet vanRuyven and Kirsten Bloomquist- Happiness & Success Mentors for Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs.

(A.K.A. your new best gal pals!)

We'll show you how to gain confidence and clarity (and have fun along the way!)

We've been there...

The days where you don't want to get out of bed because life seems to have gotten overwhelming.


The moments where you're confidence is so low you don't feel like yourself, anymore.

The forgotten dreams that are still nagging away at your soul.

We got through it, and so can you!

What if you gain the ability...

To use these tough times to build more confidence than ever before!

You fill your day with passion and purpose!

You step up and become the inspirational leader you've always dreamt of!

We'll show you the first few steps to re-igniting your dreams and becoming your most confident self.

Get your FREE copy of our E-Book: "7 Secrets to Super Charge Your Confidence"

Start living the life you love.


With love & gratitude,

Juliet & Kirsten

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for Confidence!

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