3 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Float

I got into the float tank, closed the door and it was pitch black.

Silence and complete darkness surrounded me.

As I lay there, feeling as if I were weightlessly floating in outer space, my mind started to wander and become loud.

I realized I needed to reign in my mind and gain control of it, in order to benefit from this float.

So, I used a few simple techniques and within moments, I felt connected to my higher self, hearing my intuition talk to me, and it felt as though my body melted away.

Isn't that the spiritual experience so many of us are looking for?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could connect to your higher self at that time, too, and get some answers to those deep questions you have?

As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a deep soul searcher, I like to explore different methods of accessing my subconscious mind and connecting to my higher self.

Yes, Hypnotherapy is a great tool to do exactly that.

Another tool, which I mention in my new book, "Power Now: The Art of Getting what You Want" is using a float tank. (I'll tell you how you can get a FREE copy of my new book).

With my new book having just been released, my mind has been feeling overwhelmed and I was looking to take the time to connect to my internal guidance again.

So, I went into a float tank.

And it was incredible!

Well, to be honest, my mind struggled at first, because I am so used to being on the go. Which caused me to realize I need to gain control of my mind, so that it is not controlling me.

Once I applied three simple techniques, the entire experience changed and my mind opened up... I was able to ask questions and hear the answers pop into my mind.

Would you like to experience that, too?

Watch the video below to see my three simple techniques to get the most out of your float.

I am curious to see what happens when I float regularly and I am excited for my next float.

Special Offer: I recommend Salt Wellness Centre in South Surrey. This is where I go. If it is your first time floating with them, mention "Feeling Powerful" and they will give you a discount for your first float. I highly recommend going. Go to www.healingsalts.ca to book your float (this is not a paid ad).

What techniques work best for you during your float? Comment below!

P.S. Get a FREE copy of my new book, "POWER NOW: The Art of Getting what You Want" while quantities last at go.feelingpowerful.com

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