How to Create a Winning Mindset | Power Now Ep 3 with Poker Star Bryn Kenney

Could you imagine being 2.5 million dollars in debt? How long would it take to pay that off? How do you even begin to wrap your mind around it so you can shift your mindset and focus on moving forward instead of being weighed down?

Well, that's where today's expert comes in to play.

Expert Poker Star, Bryn Kenney owed $2.5 million... and then he flipped the situation around and won big, becoming the highest earning poker player in one year!

What did Bryn do to turn things around and come out on top?

How did Bryn prepare his mind to go from a major loss to a huge success?

In today's episode you'll learn tips from the poker pro on getting into the right mindset, overcoming failure, setting yourself up for success, dealing with the haters and how to live a life of fulfillment.

This is an interview I did while writing my book, "POWER NOW: The Art of Getting What You Want,: How to Master Your Mind & Love Your Life."

The game of poker is similar to the game of life, and Bryn is the guy you'll definitely want to take notes from! His words are pure golden nuggets that you can apply to your business, career and personal life.

You may find yourself watching and re-watching this interview because the content is so valuable and is timeless (I know I have watched it several times and each time I find so much inspiration).

Watch the full episode below:

What was your biggest aha moment from today's episode? Let me know in the comments below.

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Nicky Lopez Power Now

A huge thank you to expert Bryn Kenney for the valuable insight!

Since this interview, Bryn has continued an outstanding journey. I highly recommend checking out other interviews he has done recently.

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Stay tuned for next week's episode with an expert. The topic will be visualizing and achieving your dreams amidst setback with a former professional athlete.

If you missed the last episode, "How to Stay Motivated During Tough Times" you can watch it here.

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