How to Stay Motivated During Tough Times | Power Now Ep 2 with Darin Steen

You know those days when you feel like giving up on yourself and your goals?

Or those times where your motivation is not quite where it used to be?

We all have them.

And the experts that I have interviewed in my book, "POWER NOW: The Art of Getting What You Want: How to Master Your Mind & Love Your Life" share their tips on how they used tough times to further their success.

As we are experiencing now, down times are inevitable and can hit at unexpectedly.

So, what do the world's 1% do to flip their mindset into a productive state and start seeking solutions?

How do successful people get through failures, rejection, economic downturns, uncertainty and come out triumphant.

In fact, many millionaires are created during economic downturns because hardships cause solution-minded people to become more receptive to new ways of thinking and innovations.

We're going to dive into the words of wisdom and effective techniques the experts use in order to emerge as their most powerful selves, while creating their dream lives and making a big impact on others.

Here, in Episode 2, I interviewed the man Named America's Next Best Trainer by Arnold Swarzennegger, himself- Darin Steen.

In today’s episode you will learn how to motivate yourself, how to get through tough times when you feel like giving up, and how to get into the best shape of your life.

Watch the full show below:

What was your top takeaway from today's episode? Let me know in the comments.

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Want more ways to access the power of your mind and become your best self? Now is the time to step into your power and step up to the next level with my book, "POWER NOW: The Art of Getting What You Want: How to Master Your Mind & Love Your Life." Get your copy today.

Special thanks to Darin Steen for this awesome interview.

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