Train Your Mind with Visualization | Power Now Ep 4 with Tommy Europe

What happens when you put all of your effort into your biggest goal, and things do not go the way you had planned for?

That setback can be turned into a success, even leading you to something better than what you had wanted in the first place!

What if that let down was actually a blessing in disguise?

I know this to be the truth, and so does today's expert, Tommy Europe.

With big dreams of joining the NFL and then watching his dreams shatter as he got cut from the NFL boot camp, we can agree that would be disappointing.

However, Tommy worked hard to keep his mindset sharp and make the most out of the situation, which ended up leading him to something better than his dreams of playing in the NFL.

What are two things you can do to train your mind?

Having a positive mindset + visualizing your success- especially when things aren't going the way you had planned. Those are actually times that present a great opportunity for you to find out how strong and powerful your mind really is.

In today's episode, you'll learn the importance of having a thick skin to deal with rejection, keeping positive when things do not go as you had planned and the an important technique to mentally training for success-

Hint: athletes use it to help them increase their performance- and its all natural!

This is an interview I did while writing my book, "POWER NOW: The Art of Getting what You Want: How to Master Your Mind & Love Your Life."

Watch the full episode below.

Let's be honest- years ago, I didn't think visualization did anything. I thought it was a bit of a hoax. But, that's because I was doing it wrong. When I learned a few simple changes to make and applied them- my life really began to change.

Your life can change, too.

If you're not getting results from visualizing- it's time to switch it up and do my way. You can access my step-by-step technique that will walk you through the process of making visualization effective at helping you achieve the transformations you desire.

You will find this process included in my book, "Power Now: The Art of Getting What You Want." Order your copy today!

Here's what others are saying about my book, "POWER NOW."

Special thanks to Tommy Europe for being a part of this.

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If you missed last week's episode with the World's Number 1 Poker Player, Bryn Kenney "Creating a Winning Mindset," you can watch it here.

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