How to Program Your Mind to Be a Champion | Power Now Ep 1 with Vadim Garbuzov

Vadim Garbuzov, 5-Time World Champion in Dance

Have you experienced the people closest to you discouraging you away from your dreams?

Well then, this episode is for you!

In this article I interviewed Vadim- a man who was told his dreams would be next to impossible to accomplish... but he went for it anyways.

And, he made his dreams come true.

Vadim Garbuzov is a Five-Time World Champion in Show Dance, Three-Time European Show Dance Champion, Two-Time Winner of Austrian Dancing with the Stars- and Canadian Youth Champion in all disciplines.

He shared with me how he programmed his mind to win. Over and over again.

(Below is an excerpt from my new book "POWER NOW: The Art of Getting What You Want.")

How Vadim Programmed his Mind like a Champion

Watch Episode # 1 of the Power Now Show

Vadim Garbuzov Power Now

A Special Thanks to Vadim for being a part of this.

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