The Art of Getting What You Want

How to Master Your Mind & Love Your Life

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Your subconscious is 95% of your mind...

is your inner potential

 wasting away, untapped?

Get Unstuck.
Stop Doubting Yourself.
Live a Life of Purpose and Fulfillment.

...With my new book, "POWER NOW: The Art of Getting What You Want.

How to Master Your Mind & Love Your Life"

What is POWER NOW?

This is NOT another book repackaging cliche phrases like, "Just think positive!" or "Believe in yourself!" However, this book will give you the tools to become one of the happiest and most confident people you know.




What your life would look like if you...


...Access your subconscious mind and remove the limiting internal beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that are holding you back from where you want to be.


...Transform obstacles into opportunities, and rewire your mind to believe as though life is rigged in your favor.


...Discover the solutions from within your subconscious mind when you are feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed, lost, internally conflicted and powerless.


...Create what you want... on autopilot, filling your life with purpose, love, satisfaction, peace and fulfillment.


POWER NOW will teach you how to provide yourself with an elite edge, gaining access to some of the fastest and most effective techniques to master your mind, including hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis.


You know you have greatness within and you are destined for wonderful things. Are you ready to awaken your full potential to get the most out of yourself and make the most out of your life?

POWER NOW is for You

 Looking for the right affirmation or mantra to create the right mindset and motivation? DON'T look any further! Read this book instead to discover why your mantra might be working against you, producing results you don't want and learn how to create effective affirmations


 ✓ The FIRST thing I tell my clients is how to take charge of their subconscious mind, instead of letting their mind control them. PLUS, you'll get a sneak peak behind the scenes of what I told one client (Hint: this is not positive thinking)


  How My Secret Formula has completely rewired my mind, actions and results... and I used it to turn unwanted habits into habits for success... as if my mind has become automated!


 Use this "controversial" method to access the potential of your subconscious mind! I will be teaching you how you can give yourself an elite edge and achieve more of what you want


 Find out you how you may be repelling away the things you want on an unconscious level (without even knowing it) and what you can do to become a magnet for what you want


 I will share with you how I create a "Happiness Button" for my clients so they can trigger feelings of happiness at any time and in any situation


Discover these most common negative internal beliefs that may be causing self-sabotage and internal conflict and find out how you can override your internal programming and rewrite it


  Learn my instant technique to flip negative and unwanted situations and use tough times to help you get what you want... or something better!


  Apply My Secret Formula To Reprogram Your Mind To Achieve Just About Anything


 Use this effective technique to live each day filled with purpose, joy and freedom


Unlock your unlimited potential so you can stop fearing that it is wasting away, untapped


Gain the skills with my technique to get "into the zone" upon command


 Follow my step by step method to learn self-hypnosis (this process is way easier than meditation, especially if you have a busy mind)


 Use my step by step instructions to make visualizing and manifesting work for you (professional athletes use this)


 Uncover the best version of yourself and begin to experience the life you have been dreaming of


Create the reality and the results that you want... starting today


Find negative conditioning and patterns that are holding you back and use these steps to reprogram your mind with healthy habits for success


Take control of your mind and establish the motivation to reach your goals (this is NOT just thinking positive)

Step Into Your Power... Step Up to the Next Level


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POWER NOW Physical copy ($24.95 Value)

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✓ Bonus #3: FREE Training Video: How to Program Your Mind with a "Happiness Button" (value: Priceless)

✓ Bonus #4: FREE Meditation Music for Enhancing Focus (Value: $19.97)

See What Others are Saying About "Power Now"

"Grab Two Copies of this book... one for you and one for someone you love!"

Amy Donaldson

Speaker, Coach, Author of "Get Off the Cash Flow Roller Coaster"

"I highly recommend this book"

Maryum Ferdosian

Naturopathic Doctor at East Van Integrated Health Clinic, Author

"POWER NOW is the toolbox that provides the skills to develop and maintain the perfect life for you."

Holmes Wang

Wealth Advisor


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