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It is Time...

Access Your Subconscious, Awaken to Your Potential and Create the Life You Love!


+ You know that deep down you have more to offer the world

+ You are determined to create change, growth and expansion in both your personal life and professional life

+ You are ready to satisfy your soul's purpose and live an empowered life


+ Awakening each day feeling connected to your higher self and the Universal abundance

+ Being in alignment with your purpose and passion every day


+ Stepping into the best version of yourself and creating a positive impact on the world


+ Having the confidence and clarity to know what you want and how to get it

+ Becoming the master of your mind, instead of being its faithful servant

You Can Do All of this...

and More!

But first, let's take a look at what is holding you back from the things you want.

Honestly, if you knew how to get there- you would already be there, right?

So, what has been holding you back? Now is the perfect time to shed some light and gain some clarity.

Limiting Belief Systems

Sometimes you feel stuck, as if there is an invisible barrier holding you back, despite your best efforts.

Negative Self-Talk

That inner critic seems to speak too loudly at times, creating a cloud of confusion and overwhelm. You've tried all the mantras and affirmations, combined with positive thinking, yet, you haven't experienced the results you've been seeking.

Unwanted Patterns

It can feel as though there is part of your mind getting in your way and holding you back from what you want, and your goals just don't seem to stick no matter how hard you try.


Be it fear of failure, fear of success, or loads of self-doubt and uncertainty, merely being told to, "Just believe in yourself" doesn't seem to cut it. You tried several times in the past, and although your pride may be a bit bruised, you know there has got to be a better way.


Although you desire to be better, and you know that you can do way better... you don't feel worthy enough of having better things because there is an internal belief that asks, "Who am I to deserve big things? I'm not good enough. There are far more skillful people than me that deserve more."



You tell yourself you will be happy when you make more money, you will make more money when you work harder and feel worthy enough, and you put your dreams on hold until the perfect timing and situation both magically meet. Then you will know you have made it- but, until then, happiness, self-love, success and a life of fulfillment seem to be a carrot dangling in front of you and you are getting tired of doing the chasing.

Does any of that seem familiar?


Everything you have done has gotten you to where you are, and in order to get to somewhere different, you have to do something different.

You are ready to create a shift- that's why you are here!


The good news is that you can transform your life and the process can be more simple and enjoyable that you have imagined.


What If...

+ You are able to access your subconscious mind and get into "the zone" upon command, connecting to your power and a greater purpose

+ You gain simple techniques to control your mind, instead of being controlled by your mind


+ You create unconscious patterns and habits that influence success, almost as if on autopilot

+ You discover and overcome internal blocks and limiting belief systems, rewiring your mind to become the person you've always dreamed of being

+ You become your own hero and have the certainty that your newfound skills will help you navigate the highs and lows of life


+ You feel a part of something bigger than yourself, able to alter your mind, and therefore, able to alter your destiny

+ You inspire a positive ripple effect and impact the world in a positive way and you become the leader you know you are meant to be


+ You ditch Survive Mode with all of those days filled with fear, self-doubt and regrets and you make the switch to Thrive Mode, beginning to live each day with freedom and fulfillment

That's Where I Come In!

Book a FREE 45 Minute Strategy Session with me and let's discuss:

+ Your goals

+ What is holding you back

+ A strategy to get what you want

While there is no obligation to purchase from me, I ask that you ONLY book a call if you a serious about showing up on time, investing in yourself and getting results. I am committed to getting you results and helping you to create the life you love? Are you committed? 

Our time together is designed to create rapid transformations, while providing you with support along the journey.

I help people all over the world. All sessions are facilitated online (yes, Hypnotherapy works online!) via Zoom.


I offer both private 1:1 sessions and group coaching programs, depending upon your needs and goals.

"Working with Kirsten was one of the best experiences of my life... I think everyone should experience working with Kirsten."

Bianca, Vancouver

"I did Hypnotherapy sessions with Kirsten about a year ago and I’ve had great success with her.


Its been a year and I’ve learned that the results really do stick because she gave me coping mechanisms and the results just don’t go away. 


I would definitely say to give it a try because I’m somebody who has tried many forms of therapy… You won’t regret it."

Jessica, White Rock

Making the switch from Survive Mode to Thrive Mode starts with you taking the first step.