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Now is Your Time...



+ You have a goal in mind and are determined to get results

+ You dream of living a more empowered and fulfilling life

+ You know that deep down you have more to offer the world and you're ready to explore what that looks like


+ Saying buh-bye to those pesky days where your emotions control you

+ Feeling a greater sense of control over your mind and your thoughts

+ Accessing that powerful 95% of your mind that is your subconscious mind... and using it to reach your goals

+ Being able to program your mind for more confidence, happiness and success!


What If I Told You ALL of that Is Possible...

and More?


But first,

let's take a look at what is holding you back from the things you want.

There's a reason you're here right now- because you haven't reached your goal yet, and if you knew how, you would have already done so by now, right?

So, what has been holding you back? Here's a few common obstacles that my clients have needed support with.

Limiting Belief Systems

When you set a goal, such as earning more money, there may be unconscious parts in your mind saying, "But I'm not good enough/worthy enough." That limiting belief can hold you back and sabotage you from the very things you want.

Negative Thinking

Do you ever have one of those days where your mind is so negative and it feels like you've lost control of it? You try to be more positive and then feel guilty, because you know you should be grateful, but for some reason you feel upset and can't seem to switch out of it, even with all the mantras and yoga.


Fear of failure, fear of success, perfectionism, procrastination, self-doubt-- those are all ways fear will pop up in your life. Being told, "Just believe in yourself" doesn't cut it. You need to pull this weed from the root.


So,  you're afraid to stand out or be seen, even though, there's a part of you that longs to be seen, heard, validated and appreciated... to have the freedom to just be yourself.


Confusion and Overwhelm 

Look, I get it. There are so many coaches out there saying so many different things and it seems to all contradict each other, sending your mind into an overwhelming fight or flight response where it becomes easier to say, "I'll think about this tomorrow," and then you end up putting things off another day, only to wake up the next morning feeling even more frustrated with yourself.

You're Here for a Reason...

You're Ready to Create a Shift


In order to get to something different, you have to do something different.


Yes, you can transform your life and the process can be more simple and enjoyable than you thought. In fact, that's something my clients tell me often after just a few sessions with me.



What If I Told You That YOU CAN...

+ Gain simple techniques to control your mind, instead of being controlled by your mind


+ Create healthy habits that set you up for success, almost as if on autopilot

+ Discover and overcome the limiting beliefs that are unconsciously holding you back


+ Rewire your mind for more confidence, happiness and success

+ Become your own Super Hero and gain tools to help you during the highs and lows that life will bring your way


+ Feel deeply connected to something bigger than yourself, developing a strong sense of connection to your intuition


+ Ditch Survive Mode with all of those days filled with fear, self-doubt and regrets and you make the switch to Thrive Mode, beginning to live each day with freedom and fulfillment

Are You Beginning to See What's Possible for You?

"Working with Kirsten was one of the best experiences of my life... 


I love to be in trance. You got me results- you got me results in the first session. Every time you get me results. 


I really like you and the way that you coach.. The way you understand my mind, the way you see things I don’t see...

I think everyone should experience working with Kirsten."

Bianca, Vancouver

“I have had great success with the techniques and things she taught me.

Before working with Kirsten, I thought Hypnotherapy was witchery or something like that.

Since working with Kirsten, she helped me to reprogram my mind to learn how to love myself and appreciate myself as I am.

I was weary of whether the results would last.

It has been a year since working with her and the results have stuck, because she gave me coping mechanisms that just don’t go away.

I’m someone who has tried different routes of therapy… Step out of the box and do something different because you won’t regret it.”

Jessica, White Rock

Book a FREE 45 Minute Strategy Session with Me and Let's Discuss:

+ Your goals

+ What is holding you back

+ A strategy to help you move forward and start seeing results!

All sessions are online, virtually (yes, Hypnotherapy works online!) and we will use video call. So, it doesn't matter where in the world you live! 


I offer both private 1:1 sessions and group coaching programs, depending upon your needs and goals. On this call together, we will see if we are the right fit to work together and get you into the program that best meets your needs.


There are limited spaces available- so apply for a complementary Strategy Session by clicking the button below.

Please Note: While there is no obligation to work with me or to buy anything, I ask that you only book this call if you are serious about showing up on time, investing in yourself and changing your life.

Your Mind is Limitless and I can show you that...

But, it's up to you to take the next step!



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